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Beverage Industry

Saturn Stainless Industries has been serving the Beverage industry since our inception in 1979. Our service and expertise in this industry is extensive; from the provision of vessels for the storage of beverages to mixing, warming or chilling of product; indeed any part of the beverage production process, we are able to more than provide for your needs. Where our clients develop new ideas with altered or revolutionary processes, we have been able to provide them with design assistance and fabrication expertise to realise their expectations.

Our beverage vessels and beverage processing equipment are fabricated to top industry standards, utilising materials in accordance with requirements of the health regulations. From stainless materials such as 304, 316, duplexes, according to the required specs we fabricate to South African, American and other relevant International Standards.

The beverage equipment that we fabricate is primarily made from stainless steel for use in environments that require inert and hygienic surfaces in the production processes. We provide from individual beverage processing components, to entire beverage production processes where required.

The equipment we fabricate for the beverage industry includes but is not restricted to the following:

  • Aseptic Equipment
  • Blenders
  • Chillers,
  • CIP Systems,
  • Cooking Pots,
  • Cooling Towers,
  • Cooling Tunnels,
  • Distilling Columns,
  • Drainers,
  • Flash Pasteurizers,
  • Flo Mixers,
  • Gauge boards,
  • Heat Exchangers,
  • Mixers/Liquifiers,
  • Piping,
  • Pre-fabricated Pre-Mix/Post Mix Equipment,
  • Pressure vessels to SANS347:2010,
  • Process Tanks,
  • Pumps,
  • Refrigeration Equipment,
  • Solution Heaters,
  • Tanks, Valves,
  • Walkways,
  • Stairs and Catladders,
  • Water Treatment Systems
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