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Saturn Stainless Industries manufactures a range of products for the following Industries:

  • beverage - CIP systems, process tanks, piping
  • chemical - reactors, blenders, pressure vessels
  • dairy - cheese vats, milk silos, pasturizers, cream tanks
  • food - hoppers, drainers, sorters, flavour drums, sorting tables
  • general - Tank inspection and repair services, maintenance
  • industrial - material handling systems, walkways and piping
  • mining - conveyors, sorting bins, skips, conveyor shutes
  • petrochemical - distillation columns, storage tanks, pressure vessels
  • pharmaceutical - centrifuges, hoppers, autoclaves, heat exchangers
  • portable tanks - stackable, combi, horizontal, linkeable
  • wine - wine tanks, storage tanks, drainers, bins, walkways
stainless tanks